Start at eDreams Odigeo (June 2018) — Back to my home town, Barcelona, to work as a Data Scientist at the eDreams Odigeo HQs.

I join NII (November 2017) — I join the lab of Prof. Asanobu Kitamoto, at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo.

I join Tracy (April 2017) — I join this start up with great ambition to deploy a new and revolutionary ML/DL approach in the pet-healthcare industry.

Teaching Assistant at KTH (January 2017) — I join the team of Teacher Assistants in the Machine Learning course at KTH.

I move to Stockholm (August 2016) — I move to Sweden to finish my master studies as part of a joint program between ETSETB-UPC (Barcelona) and KTH (Stockholm). The master is in Electrical Engineering, with strong emphasis in Machine Learning/A.I.