How can I cite this project?

Please cite pyphoon in your publications if it helped you out. BibTeX entry:

  title={pyphoon: Python interface for Digital Typhoon},
  author={Kitamoto Lab (NII)},

Can I run Jupyter from inside the docker container?

The short answer is yes. Longer answer is that you basically need to forward a port when creating a docker image instance. The long answer can be found here.

Where do I get the Digital Typhoon data?

The dataset has not been openly released, but we may make it accessible upon request. Try contacting the current project responsible or Kitamoto-sensei directly.

I cannot import the library

This might occur due to several reasons. Below we list some of the known errors.

  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyphoon'

    Make sure that the folder with all the modules, i.e. pyphoon, is at the same level as the code you are trying to execute. If that is not possible, you can let python know where this folder is by using sys.path.insert and passing the directory path containing the library folder.

    >>> import sys
    >>> sys.path.insert(0, path_to_pyphoon)
  • ImportError: No module named '_tkinter', please install the python3-tk package

    This may occur when trying to generate plots in the server without a graphical interface. This leads to an error when trying to import the module matplotlib.pyplot. To avoid this, make sure to use a non-interactive backend such as agg. In short, add the following lines to your script before importing pyphoon.

    >>> import matplotlib
    >>> matplotlib.use('agg')


Create a pyphoon method that does this internally, e.g.

>>> import pyphoon
>>> pyphoon.use('agg')

What is Jupyter?

Jupyter is an web environment that provides an interactive python sort-of-terminal. We use it throughout the whole project to provide some example usages of the code (found on the project github repo. Info may be found this repo.