Analyze your WhatsApp chats (beta version)

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Use WhatsTK to analyse your WhatsApp chats. Currently it is only available for mac OS.

macOS (10.15) WhatsTK user interface

How do I use it?

  1. Start the program (double click on the Application).
  2. Load your chat as a text file (see FAQs section on how to obtain it).
  3. Try Auto Run. If it does not work, check Manual Run options.

The results are given in HTML format, so the graphs are interactive.

WhatsTK user interface


WhatsTK user interface
Android 9, WhatsApp 2.20.123
Export WhatsApp chat file in iOS (not yet available)
iOS 12, WhatsApp 2.20.31

App icon shows on Dock, disappears and then appears again.

This is the normal behaviour. It may appear and disappear. But once it disappears it will come back in few seconds. Just wait until it loads and enjoy WhatsTK!

Auto Run or Manual Run?

Auto Run tries to automatically detect the header used in your chat file, which can be different between devices and countries.

If it does not work, try the Manual Run by selecting the appropriate header format from the dropdown menu.

What is the so called header format?

The chat file syntax can differ between devices, OS and language settings, which makes it hard some times to correctly parse the data and make WhatsTK work correctly.

The header appears for each message sent in the chat. It contains a timestamp and the name of the user that sent the message.

See it for yourself and open the exported chat file. You will find that the messages have a similar format like the one below:

15.04.2016, 15:04 - You created group “Sample Group”
06.08.2016, 13:18 - Messages you send to this group are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.
06.08.2016, 13:23 - Ash Ketchum: Hey guys!
06.08.2016, 13:25 - Brock: Hey Ash, good to have a common group!
06.08.2016, 13:30 - Misty: Hey guys! Long time haven't heard anything from you
06.08.2016, 13:45 - Ash Ketchum: Indeed. I think having a whatsapp group nowadays is a good idea
06.08.2016, 14:30 - Misty: Definetly
06.08.2016, 17:25 - Brock: I totally agree
07.08.2016, 11:45 - Prof. Oak: Kids, shall I design a smart poke-ball?

In this example, the header is day.month.year, hour:minutes - username:. However, in your case it may be something else like [year/month/day hour:minutes:seconds] username:

I am an experimented coder. Where can I access to the code?

Check python library whatstk.

Not resolved? Ask your question here!

This library uses whatstk python library.